Welcome to FBRK!

FBRK creates spaces for work and growth—weaving together dining, entertainment, wellness, education, mentorship, and events to serve both FBRK members and the public.

The first FBRK location will open its doors in the heart of Chicago's South Loop early 2020. It will be a world-class venue for people committed to making our world better place.

Our Vision

To weave together a global network of well-rounded entrepreneurs, creators, and dreamers, while providing sustainable opportunities that build and support communities.

Our Mission

To design spaces where entrepreneurs enjoy growth by providing them access to the resources, connections, and the mentoring necessary to thrive both personally and professionally.

Who is an entrepreneur?

We define it to mean anyone that dares to dream and is willing to invest their time, energy, and resources to making that dream come true.

The truth is there isn't just one type of entrepreneur.

At FBRK we recognize that entrepreneurs are as varied and diverse as the ideas they want to pursue.

Some aspire to build companies with multiple teams while others focus on cultivating their individual talent.

Whatever you're building, we’re here to support you.